MADE Gallery

Have you ever caught yourself standing inside a store, eyes roaming to the different displays and started to talk to yourself as you express your desire to buy every item you see? If not, experience it at the MADE Gallery. If yes, this is the place to repeat the same experience.

MADE Gallery was opened in 2005 by its owner Cindy Dach. The small boutique offers constant changing merchandise. Most of it comes from different local artists who consign in the store. You’ll find different items such as jewelry, T-shirts, lotions, soaps, pottery, cards, books, journals and magazines. Each item is unique which is very tempting to buy.

More than a store, MADE is an artist’s sanctuary and mini-community. Arts enthusiasts may attend in the scheduled workshops and classes hosted by the owner. There are themed-art exhibits which are chosen by Dach from the emails she received weekly. When she spotted an artist during her travel, she also adds it to the exhibit.

Each item must be handmade and functional to qualify as an exhibit or as merchandise. Interested artists must send an email to be considered in the next batch of sellers. Non-functional media are also displayed but not on a regular basis as the area is just 700 sq. ft. space. The items are hard-to-find and not mass produced. The price is reasonable despite its uniqueness.

MADE Gallery has been a success symbol in the community and has been named by the New York Times as one of the best Secret Neighborhoods in America.