5th Avenue Shops of Scottsdale

You know exactly when a shopping venue is rich in history. One obvious indication is that it has so many fun facts which dated back centuries ago. It has also been tagged as an institution in the city which has brought shoppers together for years.

When visiting Scottsdale, you may want your first stop to be at the 5th Avenue Shops of Scottsdale, most probably because of the fun facts. Known for being an artistic community, Scottsdale’s original arts and crafts area was located in 5th avenue. As you visit the shopping center, don’t forget to make the famous Bob Parks horse fountain as your backdrop. The horse fountain is one of the Scottsdale’s most photographed sculptures.

5th Avenue Shops of Scottsdale maintained its uniqueness through the shops that leases in the property. You will not see too many chain stores because it is dominated with local stores and boutiques. You’ll be able to find clothing stores, bookstores and jewelry stores. Wig emporium, specialty shops and even tobacconist are also located within the property which will spice up your shopping experience. Since you’re already in the art district, don’t miss the chance of visiting the On the Edge Gallery or the House of Broadcasting Museum.

Remember, visiting a shopping center is not about shopping alone where you’ll get exhausted afterwards. 5th Avenue Shops of Scottsdale has a number of salons and a spa where you can pamper yourself.

Trying to skip a meal? Definitely, not in 5th Avenue Shops of Scottsdale. The shopping center offers different kinds of cuisine which includes American, Japanese and Mexican. It even has bars and clubs where you’ll be able to eat a sumptuous meal while watching your favorite sports or a stand-up comedy.