Wells Fargo History Museum

Discover the staying power of the American Company Wells Fargo in the Wells Fargo History Museum and explore its more than 150 years journey. For over 15 decades of existence using its original name and line of business, you’ll be overwhelmed on how the company successfully surpass every challenges and trials it encountered. Learn how Wells Fargo victoriously flourish in the transition of the transactions, from the manual operations to digital operations, as well as the transportation used years ago to the modern vehicles today.

Wells Fargo is distinguished through its stagecoach which was used in transporting gold bullions as well as mail delivery. The authentic 19th century stagecoach is currently displayed in the museum. If you want to ride the stagecoach, a replica is made to protect the original vehicle. You can also find a collection of gold and precious mineral, mine shift replica, interactive telegraphs and antique firearms. N.C. Wyeths’s largest collection is also displayed in the museum.

The museum also allows you to have fun with the different activities it offers. You can take a picture inside the small coach with 15 other passengers plus 2 conductors. The experience will give you an idea on how the people felt in riding popular coach decades ago. There are also interactive trip that will teach you on how the passengers are taken care during their journey from St. Louis to San Francisco. The museum can also give you a chance to print a dollar but replacing the former President’s face with your face. Better practice your best pose but don’t expect it to be circulated.

This trusted company has proved its service to its loyal customers with fair and honest service and has lived in its commitment "Together we’ll go far."