Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Art

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art had established itself as the only museum in Arizona offering modern and contemporary art as well as design and architecture. Opened February 14, 1999, Arizona Statehood Day, the museum continues today as a venue for showcasing the avant-garde visual arts.

The museum was a movie theater which layout was converted to create five galleries inside the facility. The galleries display different medium including paintings, sculptures, sketches, photographs and films. This small museum has maximized its space through constant changing exhibits which allows its visitors to discover incredible art.

The architecture also promised a new experience especially when nature contributes to its beauty. The famous James Turrell creation, Knight Rise, provides its visitors an individual experience although the architectural design of the sky space seems to be simple and plain. The oval-shaped room has a curved bench constructed all around it while the ceiling has a porthole which is elliptical in shape. The porthole plays a big role to provide unique experience to visitors who will view the sky above. It features an optical illusion which gives an impression that the view above is descending towards the viewer that they can literally say, “I can almost touch the sky.” Apart from the sky, visitors will be fascinated on the clouds, stars and even the rainbow. Visitors who find serenity will definitely find it in Knight Rise.

Visitors will be welcomed by The Glass Scrim Wall as they approach Knight Rise. Created by James Carpenter Design Associates, the wall is made from metal, laminated glass panels and dichroic glass blades. The physical barrier offers a visual effect similar to sheet of prisms. The refracted light features sparkling vibrant colors and sunbeams.