Scottsdale Art Walk

Thursday night is an untouchable day for art lovers who visit Scottsdale as the Scottsdale ArtWalk offers them more than a hundred of galleries of art works. Located in Scottsdale Downtown along Marshall Way and Main Street, this tradition happens every Thursday from 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., except Thanksgiving, where locals and foreign guests can have a chance to see the work of different artists.

This international mecca does not only satisfy the eyes of its visitors but also educate them about the art. Even the eyes of the non-lover of art will be stuck to one or maybe a couple of artworks as these creations are impressive. Different artistic styles are exhibited from the inspiration of Russian Impressionism, Native American subjects, Contemporary pieces and many more. It showcases different medium such as water color and oil paintings. Other works include glass art, bronze sculptures, pottery, rare weaving art and jewelry.

Visitors can come empty-handed as they are not required to buy the collection. But if one is affluent and can afford a six-figure artwork, he or she may buy it. The ArtWalk does not only showcase the finished artwork but visitors can see working artists as well. Visitors may get overwhelmed with the creative skills of the artists but taking a picture while the artists are working or the artwork itself is a big no-no.

Scottsdale ArtWalk is air conditioned making it a comfortable venue downtown. Scottsdale Trolley is also available for free for those who stays in the nearby hotel or for those who parks a few blocks away from the area. Daylight is the best time to see the gallery as the area in not too crowded.

There are several restaurants where guests can eat and have a drink or talk to some friends. Occasionally, there are live entertainments and “meet the artist” which is open to the public.