Phoenix Zoo

It may not be a happy ending for Robert E. Maytag who was not able to see the zoo he conceptualized, but his legacy still lives on with the very long existence of the Phoenix Zoo. Six months prior to the opening of the zoo, Maytag died. His death leads to naming the zoo as Maytag Zoo. However, his heirs requested to change it to Phoenix Zoo to recognize the support of the community that made it possible. Today, this non-profit privately owned zoo commits itself in the fulfillment of its mission, "Provides experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world." In action, the zoo participated in many wildlife conservation programs of different endangered species.

The 125 acres of land is divided into different trails featuring about 1,200 animals which live in various environments such as South America tropics, Borneo rainforests and Africa savannas. The animals are found at the Giraffe Encounter, Camel Rides, Stingray Bay, Monkey Village, Orang-Hutan: "People of the Forest" and Land of the Dragons.

The Giraffe Encounter allows guests to interact with the reticulated (Somali giraffe) and Masai giraffes. Guests can also enjoy feeding Jambo, Makope and Suri which are reticulated giraffes as well as Imara and Miguu which are Masai giraffes. These giant creatures are located at the observation deck made from the product Trex®. The product is made from 50 percent reclaimed wood and 50 percent recycled and reclaimed plastic.

The Phoenix Zoo features the camels found in the Middle East deserts offering guests camel rides. The incredible animals do not only have appealing humps but it also has incredible characteristics which other animals do not acquire. The desert animals are not only resilient to desert climates but they can lose almost 40% water in their body weight and yet they still remained unharmed.

Sting ray bays is another area in the zoo to be visited. The water will definitely calm the guests but watching the Cownose stingrays in the water is definitely a different experience. Feeding these kind animals is also a must activity.

The Monkey Village is located in the Tropics Trail where squirrel monkeys stayed. This facility gives guests a chance to walk in a pathway where they will experience monkeys walking on the ropes above the head. However, during rainy weather the exhibit is closed but can be seen from the platform located outside. Orang-Hutan: "People of the Forest" is the newest exhibit which allows guests to view the Bornean orangutans. Guests who want to see the Komodo dragon can visit Land of the Dragons Exhibit.

There are other facilities that guests will enjoy including the Endangered Species Carousel, Pedal Boat Rental, Fly Wire-A Zip Line Ride, BCBS Wild Walk, Yakulla Caverns and Safari Train. There are also child-friendly facilities including the Fisher-Price® Little People® Discovery Farm™ and Leapin’ Lagoon Sprayground.