Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

The famous Frank Lloyd Wright had proved itself in the field of architecture and coined the term “organic architecture” which was executed in all his designs. Inspired with the modern art, the houses and buildings he created were in harmony with nature and had proved to stand the test of time. You may learn his life and works through the different books published about him but you’ll definitely appreciate his work if you’ll be able to walk inside his house.

Frank Lloyd Wright's house located in Taliesin West is open to the public which houses The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, The Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial Foundation (archives) and The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation aims to promote public awareness about the significance of architecture to an individual and the society. You will also learn the principle behind his works.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial Foundation (archives) is widely known as “the largest and most complete collection of materials related to a single artist housed under one roof anywhere in the world.” The famous architect has proved his passion in his work as the archives provide scholars more than 20,000 architectural drawings of his work. Also included are the 44,000 historical photographs, documents, manuscripts and large-scale presentation models which represent the transformation of his work.

Originally built to be the Wright family’s winter home, the Taliesin West today serves as the main campus of The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. The school features studios, workspaces, rooms, library, exhibition spaces and theaters which cater to the different activities of the students. The main studio features translucent roof which serves as a workspace for drafting. Workspace for painting, sculpture, pottery, metal work, wood work, photography and model making is also included in the building. Students who want to read different references can make an appointment to access the William Wesley Peters Library. The library has periodicals, maps, state and federal documents, sound recordings, CD-ROMs and videos.

You can tour the Taliesin West but you must remember that guided tour is strictly implemented in the facility. The guided tour includes the Panorama Tour, The Insights Tour and Behind the Scenes tour. Seasonal public tours are also available such as the Desert Walk and Night Lights in the Desert.

The Panorama Tour is open year round featuring Frank Lloyd Wright’s private office, Music Pavilion and Cabaret Theater. The Insights Tour is similar to the Panorama Tour with the “Garden Room” that serves as a highlight. The structure features a garden in its east side while the horizon in the south. The ceiling is made from plastic-coated canvas which filters the light coming from the sun. Behind the Scenes tour is the in-depth Insights Tour where you can have a chance to talk with the Wright associates.

You can take the Desert Walk from November to April which features a detailed description of the native materials in the site. If you want to see the Insights Tour in a different perspective, visit Taliesin West from February to October as the Nights Lights in the Desert offers a holiday festivity. You may insist to spend all these tour in a self-paced manner but this is not negotiable. Although all tours are guided, you’ll still get an informative well-paced tour without a feeling of being pushed.