Children’s Museum Of Phoenix

Learning is spelled F-U-N at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Since the only rule in having fun is to have fun, the exhibits have no posted instructions that will teach its little guests how to use it. The children are free to do whatever they want to do to the exhibits exactly the way they want, destruction is not included of course. In this way, the activities that will be created in their mind is matched with their current developmental level.

In case you’re child wants a specific exhibit, just tell them to find the museum assistants dressed in green polo and khaki pants. The Art Studio Assistants or Playologists give the best assistance needed by the children and other visitors. Also, they know how to facilitate play.

There are 15 exhibits in the museum including Art Studio: Creative Expression, Desert Delights, Scattered Colors, Book Loft: Respite and Resource, Building Big, Ian’s Corner, Place for Threes & Younger, Market: Role Play Paradise, Texture Cafe: Silk and Velvet, The Schuff-Perini Climber, Pedal Power, Pit Stop, Noodle Forest: Not Your Everyday Noodles, The Grand Ballroom: Rock and Roll, Whoosh! and Someplace – Like no other place!

Art Studio: Creative Expression is the most artistic part of the exhibit where the imagination of the children is translated into creative output using different art materials including glue, colors and scissors. Apart from individual projects, group projects are also featured in this exhibit such as painting the 11-foot tall rocket ship.

Desert Delights and Scattered Colors also bring artistic exhibits through paintings and colors. Showcasing the paintings of Carolyn Schmitz, an artist from Arizona, you will definitely admire the ecosystem of Arizona through its flora and fauna-inspired portraits. Mia Pratt Studios created a three-panel desert habitat that adds a desert ambiance in the gallery. Scattered colors gallery introduces collection of exhibits which is inspired through color in different medium. Vivid tapestries, decorative concrete floors and illuminated sand table are among the pieces the children will enjoy.

Book Loft: Respite and Resource is the most relaxing exhibit which calm down the hyperactive children. It enriches the mind of the children by providing good books to read which provides informative content. They can choose to stand or sit while reading but curling at its designated reading area will give them their "me" time. Visitors can also listen to the guest readers and museum staffs during story time.

Building Big will transform the children as little engineers as this exhibit has several raw materials which they can build as walls, roofs, beams or columns according to their imagination. This will expose them to the elements and works of the construction industry.

Toddlers have a designated area for them to enjoy the museum within their capability. They will enjoy "Ian’s Corner" which is inspired from "Cars, Trucks and Things That Go" by Richard Scarry. Uniquely-shaped cars such as pickle car, pencil and tube of toothpaste are among the car-makes they can drive.

Maybe, years ago you had an experience to be rejected in an adult-only venue due to your young age. You’ll definitely feel the same again at the Place for Threes and Younger as the exhibit does not allow anyone who is four years and older. The exhibit implements a no-shoe policy while it assures you that the exhibit is maintained clean. You may expect a walking or seating kids but this exhibit has a lot of crawling children.

The Children's Museum of Phoenix allows children to discover their potential and stimulate their creative mind. Market: Role Play Paradise and Texture Cafe: Silk and Velvet are the two role play exhibits they can enjoy. The Market: Role Play Paradise features a real-life scenario of a market where they can measure and weigh peas and other market exercises. The Texture Cafe: Silk and Velvet is a child-sized café where children can choose a role as chef, maitre d’ or a regular customer.

For adventure-seeking children, The Schuff-Perini Climber, Pedal Power and Pit Stop are among the skill-based activity they can enjoy. The Schuff-Perini Climber will stretch the muscles of the kids like they are climbing the tree. Pedal Power will teach the children the sense of balance and the art of pedaling.

There are also other exhibits that are presented uniquely such as the Noodle Forest: Not Your Everyday Noodles and The Grand Ballroom: Rock and Roll, Whoosh! and well as Someplace – Like no other place!

Children's Museum of Phoenix received over 25 awards since the time it opened in 2008. This past year, among the awards it received are One of Top U.S. Special Event Venues (CVENT), Workforce Diversity Award – Organization (AZSHRM - Arizona Society for Human Resource Management), One of Top Children’s Museums in Phoenix (AZFOOTHILLSMAGAZINE.COM), Best of 2012 Educational Activities for Families (PHOENIX.ORG), Certificate of Excellence for the Year Of 2012 (TRIPADVISOR) and Contribution Award: Exhibits Director, Nancy Stice (MUSEUM ASSOCIATION OF ARIZONA PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION AWARDS).