Castles N’ Coasters

One of the best stop in Arizona is the family amusement park Castles N' Coasters. It offers different activities for all ages with different level of fun and excitement for the entire family. Located in north Phoenix near Metrocenter Mall, this park remained as a family-friendly venue since it opened in 1980. It features a desert theme and it is open year-round. Just take note that the hours of operation vary that you need to check its calendar on its website.

Castles N' Coasters features thrilling rides, amusement rides, obstacle course and arcades. If you enjoy golf, you can choose from any of the four 18-hole miniature golf courses. Zip line and go-kart track are also a must-try.

The thrilling rides include Sky Diver, Free Fall, Desert Storm, Patriot, Sea Dragon, Magic Carpet and Splashdown Falls. You’ll experience a plummeting ride with Sky Diver which drops you 120 feet to the ground. If you think you’re not yet ready for a higher drop, Free Fall is a better alternative. If you feel that the two rides are not enough to hype up your adrenaline, don’t miss the most craziest ride in Arizona. The Desert Storm is a turbulent ride where you will experience the combination of a plummeting ride with twists and loops.

Castles N' Coasters is also gentle to its visitors as it offers other alternative to its fun ride. The Patriot Roller Coaster is made for first-timers. The real warm up ride is the Sea Dragon which is a Viking Ship and the Magic Carpet which will let you feel more excited rather than frightened as you are allowed to seat with your special someone. The amusement park also features a wet ride in its Splashdown Falls. You will be riding in a log which will bring you to the falls and a ship wreck.

You and your kids will be amused with the Carousel featuring circus animals including the 60 handcrafted horses. There are other rides that kids will enjoy such as Jr. Dixie Wheel, Spinning Tops and Flying Bugs.

Some exciting rides are not too dizzy such as the Go Karts and the Ram-Rods. You’ll drive in a quarter mile track with hair pin curves at Go Karts. Just the same way bump cars do, you’ll feel the challenge of bumping other cars at Ram-Rods. There are also bumper boats who wants to take the challenge on the water. If you prefer a rope challenge, On the Ropes will test your skill in this 3-story 28 element rope course. The Sky Wire is a Zip Line which will send you to a tower from a tower.