Camelback Mountain

View the entire cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale in a challenging way by reaching the peak of Camelback Mountain. The exciting hiking experience will give you a serene location while keeping your eyes busy in the flourishing metropolis. With the promise of a spectacular view, bringing your binoculars is a must so you won’t miss anything the Valley can offer.

Camelback Mountain has two hiking trails including the popular Echo Canyon and the not-so-steep Cholla Trail. Both trails join at the top which will allow you to climb up on one trail and down to the other.

The Echo Canyon Trail is shorter than the Cholla Trail but it features a strenuous hike on a two-hour hike on average. Some paths of the Echo Canyon are narrow and uneven while some have rocky parts. Expect boulder hopping as you ascend which will definitely give you a full workout. It is also a safe trail only if you will strictly follow the marked trails as desert critters may not want you to disturb them in their sanctuary.

If you consider yourself as a beginner, take the Cholla Trail instead. The 1.6-mile trail offers a moderate pace start for its hikers who prefer easier hike. The trail has signs to guide you when you feel confused or find that the path seemed to disappear. There are two colors to remember telling you to move forward or find another way. The blue dot, painted along the trail, signifies a correct direction while the yellow sign directly tells that you take the wrong one. Experienced hikers you’ll meet along the way are generous enough to show you the right way.

Currently, the Cholla Trail is available for hiking as the Echo Canyon Trail is closed for renovations and will be open in fall of 2013.