Arizona Military Museum

The rich military history of Arizona is preserved in the Arizona Military Museum showcasing the different mementos from the Spanish Conquistadors up to the present time. Located at the Papago Park Military Reservation, the museum is operated by Arizona National Guard Historical Society. The adobe building which housed the exhibits was built in 1936. The historical building was used during World War II for German prisoners. There are over 25 exhibits which include vehicles, weapons, uniforms, written memorabilia, videos, books and maps which were used by the armed services.

The exhibits depict the history of the state which are named in different periods and categories such as Conquistadors and Spanish Colonial Period, The Conquistadors, Spanish Colonial Period, Tucson Presidio and Mexican War, The U.S. Mexican War, Mormon and Battalion and Tucson Presidio, Early Arizona Territory, Civil War in Arizona, Indian Wars in Arizona Territory, 1st Arizona Volunteer Infantry, Buffalo Soldiers in Arizona, M1895 Colt-Browning Machine Gun "Potato Digger," Rough Riders and On the Border.

World War I, World War II-Pearl Harbor, Bushmasters, Native-American Code Talkers, German Submarine Prisoners, Korea was a United Nations War, Military Communication, Operation Pegasus, The TET Offensive 1968, Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Globe War on Terrorism, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Frank Luke and Arizona Air National Guard are also included in the exhibits.

Guided by the theme "Lest We Forget," the museum honors the warriors of the war who defend the state in its enemies. As a non-profit organization, the museum welcomes volunteers and donations to continually educate the visitors with the efforts and compassion of the state’s heroes.