Apache Trail

Road trips are always fun especially when you are with your friends. But it’s more fun if the route itself is very challenging. Trying to take the treacherous route of the Apache Trail will surely bring you to a hyped-feeling making this trail not recommended for nervous drivers and passengers.

The route has a spectacular view of desert plants and trees including bush and cacti, wildflowers, desert views, lake views, canyons and geologic formations. The 48-mile route turns through steep mountain terrain with limited number of gas stations and curves along Salt River’s man-made lake including Roosevelt Lake, Canyon Lake and Apache Lake which also serves as the trail stop. The other must-see stops include Lost Dutchman State Park, Goldfield Ghost Town, Tortilla Flat and Tonto National Monument.

Lost Dutchman State Park is situated at Superstition Mountain’s base which is also the best starting point for the wilderness exploration. There are different nature trails and hiking trails in the park as well as picnic facilities and more than 30 campsites. Restrooms and showers are also available.

Goldfield Ghost Town is another stop for the Arizona Wild West. This restored ghost town features historic buildings, Gold Field Museum, Mammoth Gold Mine and variety of shops. You can also watch the old Wild West gun fight performed by the well-known gunfighters of Goldfield. When visiting this town, don’t forget to try the prickly pear cactus fudge and root beer fudge.

Tortilla Flat is a real town with six brave residents. You can walk around in this town or visit the Superstition Saloon where you can see different paper currencies from different countries posted as wallpaper. You can also take your lunch or snacks at the restaurants in the town.

Tonto National Monument was established in 1907 by President Theodore Roosevelt featuring cave dwellings that was used by ancient residents. It also offers activities such as off-site hikes and moon hikes as well as 18-minute orientation video. There are other residents in the monument including over a hundred bird species, a dozen of snake species, lizard species and bat species. Porcupine, jackrabbit, bobcat and similar species are also found in the monument.

Canyon Lake is the most picturesque lake among the lakes on the Salt River. The natural scenic view will definitely entice your eyes with its desert flora, red rock canyon walls and unusual rock formations. This is also a perfect romantic getaway for couples as it features water activities such as Jet Ski and water ski.

Apache Lake is the home of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine and the Superstition Mountain. It offers different activities including boating, water skiing and fishing. The man-made lake features luscious mountain valleys which gives a spectacular view in the area. There are different facilities in the lake including motel, restaurant, RV and camper hookups and gas stations.

Roosevelt Lake is the largest lake featuring marinas, camping grounds, motels and RV parks. It was created in 1911 along with the completion of Roosevelt Dam. In 1996, the dam was modified making it higher and with greater water storage capacity. The lake harness the water for irrigation and the distribution system contributes in the fertility of the agricultural land of Arizona desert.

A full tank of gas will make your six hour drive blissful.